TriCities Airport Pilots Association


Endicott, NY  13760

The purpose of the TriCities Pilots Association is: 

  • Promote flying and aviation related activities for the enjoyment of the members.
  • Support Tri-Cities Airport and represent the needs of pilots.
  • Foster interest in and promotion of General Aviation within the community.

Membership is open to all area pilots and general aviation enthusiasts.  Meetings are usually the first Monday every month at the TCPA building at the East end of the airport. TCPA pilots also gather informally most Sundays at the TCPA building. 

Persons interested in participating in the EAA's demonstration rides; 'Young Eagles' (children between 7 and 18) or 'Eagle Flights' (adults over 18) may contact the Tri-Cities Pilots Associations for a referral to an EAA volunteer pilot.

Contact Information: 

Richard Graumann

Al Cromie        


TriCities Pilots Association – 2014 Event Calendar

6   Jan   Mon    Meeting, 6 pm – Honor Flight Program & BGM Activities – Dave Hickling, Dep Commissioner of Aviation


3    Feb   Mon     Meeting, 6 pm –  Class Act Air Heli – Owen Garnett & Tim Hardy   

3   Mar    Mon     Meeting, 6 pm – 

7   Apr    Mon     Meeting, 6 pm –  BGM NOAA Weather (E. Miller)

5   May   Mon     Meeting, 6 pm –  TBD

26 May   Mon     Memorial Day Flower Drop, Endicott

1 Jun       Sun      Tri-Cities Drag-Way “Drive-in Fly-in” w/ TCPA participation

3   Jun     Mon     Meeting, 6 pm – TBD & Aviation Day planning         

7 Jun       Sat       Aviation / Airport Day, 11am to 3 pm  – Young Eagles & Eagle Flight

                           Deck Opening, 12-3 pm


[8 Jun     Sun      Alternate Aviation / Airport Day / Deck Opening for inclement weather]

7   Jul      Mon     Meeting, 6 pm – “AOPA Airport Support Network Update” – Lloyd Knecht

4   Aug    Mon     Meeting, 6 pm – Lockheed Martin topic (B. Kosztyo)

8   Sep    Sat       Deck Closing & Alternate Aviation Day Flights, 11am to 3 pm (back up for       June)


6   Oct    Mon     Meeting, 6 pm – BGM Opns & Projects Update – Dave Hickling

3   Nov   Mon     Meeting, 6 pm – (tentitive) Trella Aircraft – C. Euchenhofer (R. Graumann)

7  Dec     Sun      TCPA Holiday Dinner, location TBD